SnakeyeI’m Snakeye.  I have a passion for being a Jack of All Trades, but that probably makes me a Master of None. Flying seems to be toward the top of my list.   Woodworking has quickly become a close second.  Since I really can’t exercise any type of creativity in flying, I find refuge in designing and building things.

I started woodworking in 2003, building a TV table (for the big-screen) and a kegorator, all out of Oak & Oak plywood from Lowes. Back then, it was butt-joints with nails & screws that held everything together. I’ve since taken interest in wood-to-wood joinery (without nails/screws) to ensure strength and durability, and it’s rather challenging to get pieces to fit together like a puzzle.

I’ve lived overseas now for 5 years (Italy for the first 3) and currently live in Great Britain.  Due to the difference of Europe vs American power outlets, I made the decision to leave my power tools in the States in the care of my Old Man.  That, in turn, has forced me to turn elsewhere to continue to woodwork: hand-tools.

I’ve built a workbench and have since gathered a small trove of hand tools.  I probably consider myself a “yellow belt” (knowing just enough to get my ass kicked in a hairy situation) in woodworking, but I find that there’s no way forward other than to build stuff… and the hand tools have won me over.

My ultimate “goal” projects (for now) that I’d like to finish are a Morris-Stickley chair, and a Hal Taylor/Maloof Rocker.  I think I’m almost there… but as long as I’m building things, I will always be on the path to perfection.