Big Green Egg Table
Cook with confidence.  A table built for outdoor use while maintaining indoor beauty; constructed of Oak and Elm.  Bomb-proof and immovable, showcasing wedged mortise and tenon construction.
York-Pitched Jack Plane
Unique precision that's engineered for your hands only.  With David Finck's guidance, this one-of-a-kind, figured Bubinga was transformed into a Jack Plane that eats hardwood for breakfast.  Like Medusa, its practical potency matches its beauty.
Arts & Crafts Living Room Table

Arts & Crafts Living Room Table

Relax with style.  A solid Elm table built around through mortise and tenon joinery that make it as movable as a mountain.  A showpiece sap-to-heartwood transition shelf  and soldered glass that will last for generations to come.
Anarchist Tool Chest

Anarchist Tool Chest

A sanctuary for your tools.  From Chris Schwarz and built with Beech and Walnut, this chest features bomb-proof dovetails, Horton hardware, and beautiful grain that will last for centuries.  The tools will never want to leave.
Beer Stein Cabinet
Showcase your prized beer steins.  This solid Elm build features sliding dovetails, bridle door joints, knife hinges and glass shelves.  Low-voltage LED lighting and custom blacksmithed "beer mug" handles accentuate the mug collection.
21st Century Workbench
Mecca for hand tool work.  A 500 lb, solid Beech workbench that I can park a truck on.  Built from Bob Lang's design featuring 4 removable,  reversible tool bins that also act as a benchhook, a 24" twin-screw and 9" tail vice, and removable shelves below.
Roubo iPad Stand
Use the iPad hands-free - for FaceTime, Recipe viewing, etc.  This project requires a 8" x 20" x ¾" board.  A drill, panel saw, fret saw, mallet and chisel are the only tools required to make this one-board classic.  No hardware required!
Dry Erase Pen Holders
Maintain organization while briefing from a dry erase board.  This simple project requires scrap wood to laminate and a saw, chisel, and some special naturally colored woods to inlay.  Drill, shape and sand to complete.