Seriously.  After 3 months of waiting, the garage door has finally been repaired (it had been stuck open for decades apparently) to the new “home” I’ve designated for Snakeye Woodworks.  I’ll tell you what, though: after you haven’t done a thing for months on end, you start to lose your motivation.  I guess they call it “falling off the horse”?  You see, I now have all these projects that are in a  mid-build suspended animation.  Even worse, those months that have passed have brought new projects (like an outdoor table for the Big Green Egg grill/smoker I got).  With the accumulation of more projects, you almost feel paralyzed for action because you don’t know where to start.  I think a portion of the paralysis I feel is also attributed to truly being on my own now.   I have no industrial hobby shop (like the ones on US military bases) to fall back on and use.  It’s my shop or bust, and I haven’t had a shop for almost 5 months now.

Anyway, once my landlord had the the door repaired so it could open and close, the rest fell into place with an electrician and a flooring guy.  For a view of the hurdles I had to overcome (for comparison’s sake), it’s two posts back.

Presenting the new Snakeye Woodworks

Presenting the new Snakeye Woodworks (finally)

Now that the flooring and lighting are installed, I finally had some free time this weekend to start cleaning the area out.

Snakeye Woodworks

The first thing to do was to unpack all my tools that had been sitting in boxes since February.  It was almost like Christmas again!  Now the issue is where to put everything.  Those cabinets you see are pretty disgusting and need a good cleaning out.  For now, everything is sitting on the bottom shelf of the workbench… all the more reason to get off my ass and build the Anarchist’s Tool Chest I started in Italy.

Half of today was wasted going to the UK version of Home Depot to buy some brackets and pinewood shelves.  I haven’t installed them yet.  Though I also bought an 8′ long strip of pinewood; it makes an excellent (and inexpensive) clamp holder.

Clamp Organization

The window took me at least an hour to clean.  About 8 spiders and a decade’s worth of dirt and dust accompanied the window.  Now that it’s clean, it’ll make a nice companion to the workbench for woodworking during daylight hours.

A Workbench's best friend: A window
Snakeye WoodworksAnd when darkness sets in (as it’s starting to in the pictures), the electrician installed 2 fluorescent tube lights.  I just have to take care and shut the garage door if I’m working at night to stave off the moths and mayflies.

Hopefully the production of furniture will follow soon.  Next weekend will be dedicated to installing the shelves along the walls of the shop; hopefully that will provide a temporary resting place for my tools (chisels, planes, etc) until that tool chest gets built. Moreover, with the dampness of the UK, I’ll definitely have to keep oil on the tools… especially when they’re out and vulnerable.

The following weekend I’ll be attempting to tackle the short-notice outdoor grill table, because I can’t use my damn grill until I get it nested inside a table (it tips pretty easily without it).  And I really want to grill – the Brits just can’t do it like the Americans can, and I miss a good smoked brisket and ribs.  I’m still building my cutlist for it and trying to find a place that I can buy raw timber.  I think softwood is the way to go to get this done quickly, so I’m considering Cedar for this project.

Hopefully by then, the shop will be routine and I’ll regain the same level of motivation I had prior to leaving Italy.  Usually it just takes a little bit of re-exposure to get back on the horse…

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  • Ralph J Boumenot

    Yipee! good to read that it’s almost done.

    • The real test will be when I start a project – what I really mean is, when I finish one of the many projects I currently have half-done.

  • Brian Eve

    What a neat space! Congratulations, I’m sure you’ll love it.

    I’m in the same boat at the moment (although it hasn’t quite been five months) of having not been able to do much woodwork in the last month or so. I have two free days to get back in my shop now.

    Don’t worry about losing motivation, once you get back in there, it’ll be like you never left. Uhh, even though it’s new. I find if I can get to my shop for even a 15 minute stretch to do something, it helps keep the rhythm of the shop moving forward.

    The other thing I like to do (to the annoyance of my wife) is occasionally knock out a small project that I can finish in one sitting. It can take a long time to build a tool chest in 15 minute increments, and occasionally actually finishing something helps keep me motivated.

    • I know you’re right… I think part of is it’s gonna take an extra hour to exactly figure out where I had left all my projects…

  • Jonas Jensen

    Congratulations on your new shop. It looks really good.
    nice touch with the saw holding the sign above your workbench.

    • Ha, that saw/sign combo was my wife’s XMas present to me. It looks nice.

  • Mike Winslow

    Looks good… like someone said, start sawing on something, and the motivation will come back. Finish that heirloom coffee table!!!

    • Yep… that table needs to get done at this point…

  • Aymeric

    very nice workshop! wood floor and all! congrats!

    • Thanks! Now it’s time to put it to good use…