I guess as you delve into the art or wood creativity, it’s easy to start making friends through blogs, woodworking classes, or conventions that share the same interests.  It’s even cooler when, by off chance, you happen to make that friendship and it crosses paths throughout your woodworking saga.

I was looking up hand-built wooden handplanes one day, and came across a blog called “Toolerable” where he made his own Jointer Plane (of the Krenovian style out of Maple).  I was intrigued and began following his blog.  Brian: thanks for meeting me out in Tegernsee!

A toast to Toolerable

I also received a consolation prize, hand-built by Brian himself (in his series to encourage beginners to hand-tools with only the most fundamental of tools): a half-lapped Square (in my hand above and shown, in its full glory, below).

The Toolerable Square

I haven’t gotten around to building one of these yet (nor do I have a square that’s over 4 inches), so this is the perfect addition that I needed.  I only wish I would’ve had the same forethought to build something in return.  Brian: it will get continual use in my shop… just wait!

Of course, Brian wrote up a better post than I, which includes his finish that I was grilling him about… finishing is something that I’m still trying to find my way.  I’ve been wanting to do an almost purely wax finish, and that’s exactly what Brian did with this; his instructions provided here.


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  • Brian Eve

    Thanks, Travis! That was a lot of fun. Perhaps too short a visit.

    We’ll have to do it again one of these days.

    The great part about that try-square is that when it goes out (of square), there isn’t so much invested in it that it can’t go on the burn pile. In a short time you can make another one.

  • Jonas Jensen

    I could use a beer with you two and a long chat about woodwork.

    I have added your blog to my list.

    Brgds Jonas

    • Brian Eve

      Hey, Jonas! Your place in Denmark is about half way between England and Germany. Perhaps the three of us should meet up at your place for a He-Man woodworking weekend sometime when you get your sawmill running!

      • Now that sounds like a great idea! I have to complete training here first though.

        • Jonas Jensen

          You are both very welcome. I like the idea of flannel shirt weekend. I know a place where we might be able to log an old beech. Then we will haul it out of the forest using the Volvo Valp or a tractor. And then we are going to make some nice benchtops on the mulesaw.
          By the way, sorry for the late reply.